The next time you plan to throw a party, stop by our store for all your event serving needs. We have the best selection of classy and quality items in every price range that will add the right touch and ambiance to your party. You won’t find the products we carry in any other Tulsa boutique, so enjoy hosting a flawless event with our creative and beautiful event serving items.

Riedel Stemware: Lead crystal stemware designed to enhance the bouquet and flavor of various wine varietals.

Spiegelau: Just as with wine, the proper glass is essential for appreciating the subtleties of flavor, mouth feel, aroma, and color in your favorite brew.

Lolita: Wine Glasses. Fun birthday, wedding, and special event wine glasses.

Host: Freeze cooling glasses. Keeps wine or beer cold for hours. Great for your next outdoor event.

Tag: A wide variety of eventware. Tiny umbrellas, cocktail picks, coasters, birthday candles, candles and candleholders, flameless candles, and many other party favors.

Party Essentials: Party accessories. Plastic drinkware, buffet plates with wine stemware holders. Perfect for wine tastings or any special event.

Mudpie: Dinners or special gatherings. Platters, cutting boards, cracker and cheese trays, cheese knives, and decorative spreaders.